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Security on campus

Schools and universities are divided into many different units that fulfil a wide variety of functions. They have buildings of all types: lecture theatres, research laboratories, libraries, server rooms, cafeterias, car parks, sports facilities and residential units. Selective access control is therefore essential for students, lecturers, employees, suppliers and visitors, especially in sensitive areas such as research facilities.

All these different requirements can only be met by an intelligent access management system, ensuring that everyone on campus feels comfortable while striking an effective balance between security and convenience.

Kaba has the solution

As a specialist in intelligent access management systems, Kaba offers tailored solutions for universities and colleges. System requirements and components are defined on the basis of a security profile. In Europe, with the right software, all the individual components, like turnstiles, barriers, interlocks and locking systems, can be combined in a comprehensive, easy-to-use system that also includes time recording and presence control. The icing on the cake is that the same card used to access buildings and rooms can also be used to pay for photocopies, use vending machines and buy meals in the cafeteria. In the USA, Kaba is one of the leading providers for Access Control systems for schools and universities with an impressive range of pushbutton locks.