Offices HGK_05_008
Offices HGK_05_008

Combining security with efficiency

Financial service providers have very particular security needs. One of their big challenges is to effectively separate publicly accessible areas from sensitive zones. Despite the protective measures required, their premises have to be attractive and welcoming for clients and staff, and processes still have to be carried out smoothly.

Modern bank branch concepts like the “open branch” design combine personal customer service and advice with self-service elements (ATMs). The idea is to promote openness and transparency, with areas that have no barriers between staff and customers replacing the traditional bank counter set-up.

Kaba has the solution

Kaba offers a comprehensive range of reliable security products to protect valuables and people, as well as for securely transporting cash and documents. Access control systems, high-security locks, keypad locks, integrated locking components, security interlocks, time recording and presence control components can all be combined to create integrated security solutions.

Cash handling is increasingly being outsourced to external firms in order to minimize the risk of theft and robbery; Kaba’s Cencon locks for cash dispensers are setting the industry standard. Access to cash is via a one-time code and a smart key.