Security combined with data recording

Within a typical industrial company, employees perform all manner of different functions in various facilities and buildings. If the company uses shift work, there will be an additional major turnaround of personnel. And finally, external visitors need to be kept in the right areas. Special rules and access authorizations are needed for sensitive areas like development departments, clean rooms and server rooms.

Tricky situations often arise as a result of uncontrolled movement of persons: lost or stolen keys, sensitive equipment being used by unauthorized persons, health issues, physical damage, data theft, etc. An intelligent system combining access control with operational data and time recording is needed to maintain control and a clear overview.

Kaba has the solution

Thanks to its deep knowledge of manufacturing processes, Kaba is in a position to offer manufacturing companies a tailor-made, comprehensive range of products. We have efficient access control systems to meet every security, health and safety requirement, using security doors, barriers, turnstiles and even biometric identification. Kaba’s highly developed time and data recording systems allow detailed analysis of labour costs and help optimize the way operations are organized.

All of our Workforce Management systems can be integrated easily into modern ERP systems like SAP, Oracle, AX and Peoplesoft.