Residential CH_02_102
Residential CH_02_102

Well protected in your own four walls

People’s need to protect what is theirs runs very deep. Feeling safe and secure in one’s own four walls is essential to our sense of wellbeing. If you are away at work for the whole day, or especially if you go on holiday, it is good to know that your home is protected by reliable security. Unwanted guests can be kept at bay by taking appropriate measures.

Burglars are not just tempted by villas and single-family homes. In fact, apartment blocks and housing complexes present an additional risk. As well as fellow residents, unfamiliar visitors such as workmen and cleaners regularly come into these properties. For reasons of convenience, entry doors are often left unlocked. Keys are always being lost and have to be replaced.

Kaba has the solution

Kaba offers a comprehensive range of mechanical, mechatronic and electronic products, from simple locking systems to tailor-made, state-of-the-art premium solutions. The products are designed to be extremely robust to cope with frequent use, as well as being weather-resistant and providing effective protection from break-ins.

Our key systems can be individualized to suit the needs of the building manager. For example, cleaning staff will not need access to all rooms. Certain systems can be programmed centrally. Copy protection prevents duplication of lost keys. Today’s most advanced systems can even be linked to the building’s other electronic controls and technical equipment. Last but not least, Kaba guarantees service round the clock.