Transport + Logistics


Security for valuable freight

Supplying consumers and companies around the world with the huge variety of goods they need and want would be impossible without modern transportation logistics on land, sea and in the air. And as globalization increases, the security issues attached to all this movement are becoming increasingly significant. Valuable freight has to be protected from various threats: theft, accident, sabotage, robbery.

Experience shows that employees are responsible for a portion of the theft that occurs, which means it is no longer enough to rely on theft-proof containers and access controls. An additional level of security is required: something that can track what happens along the whole transportation chain.

Kaba has the solution

Kaba offers a wide range of solutions for the whole logistics chain, covering all the modes of transport and facilities involved, including trucks, ships, ports, railways and aircraft. Centralized access management and electronic high-security locks lie at the heart of this range of products.

The electronic high-security locks in the Gitcon product line are tailored specifically to the needs of the transport industry. The time and the ID associated with the access medium are recorded every time the lock is opened. A smart system using GPS technology sends unique PIN codes directly to the lock on the container, which can only be opened once the location of the container has been confirmed. The RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)-based solution allows communication between the vehicle’s GPS and the control module on the container. This means that companies can be sure that a freight container cannot be opened before it arrives at its intended destination.