Airports + Public Transportation


Securely to the destination

Air transport and land-based public transport systems are expanding in line with population growth and globalization. In civil aviation in particular, the frequency of arrivals and departures is rising continuously. Different groups of people and traffic flows have to be sent in the right direction while simultaneously carrying out increasingly stringent security controls, creating a highly complex security problem. But negative influences on passenger flow and convenience have to be minimized, and the architecture is still supposed to be welcoming. All of this presents huge challenges to airport operators.

Public transport operations also have a significant security agenda. For railway companies, for example, this involves stations, rolling stock, signalling systems and the rail network. They need solutions that help simplify processes and serve customers. Everything has to be absolutely reliable and easy to use.

Kaba has the solution

Kaba offers specific solutions for the aviation sector. Its automated border control systems provide efficient support for checking passports: sensor barriers with integrated blocking functions and biometric identification can prevent misuse of passports and accelerate checks. One-way interlocks separate departing from arriving passengers and channel the flow of people.

Kaba’s intelligent self-boarding products help employees check boarding cards and speed up processes. Sensor barriers with automated, pivoting controls also include an integrated boarding pass reader and a printer

Kaba’s comprehensive electronic solutions for access control and mechanical locking systems make it possible to have separate security for special non-public zones (known as “Security Identification Display Areas” or SIDA).

In the rail sector, Kaba produces customized mechanical and electronic locking components for makers of train components (door locking). It also offers products that allow rail companies to secure goods containers throughout the rail network.