A wide range and a great variety of products are the distinguishing features of the Kaba Mauer product programme. This range of products - from the lowest to the highest security level - is unique in this sector of the industry and we are therefore confident of being able to offer the right solution for any resistance level defined for your safe, strongbox or other secure storage unit. As regards the type of lock, we will select the appropriate one from each class of locks. No matter what the insurer specifies: ECB-S, EN 1300, VdS or any other certificate - we meet them all.

And no product will leave our factory without having undergone thorough testing for quality and operation. Only this way can we give the long-term warranty you expect. Reliability is priority No. 1 for us.

Many of our products have become a trademark - in particular throughout Europe. For some groups of products we have become a market leader.

Our range of products has been extended in response to requests from our customers. Come and have a look at what Kaba Mauer has to offer!