Defender 720 - Bolt Work 83501

2-lock operation, 1-/2-/3-sided, front shaft support, integrated relockers, manganese steel stripes, gear drive


Defender 720
Defender 720

1- to 3-sided bolt work for safes CEN II-V.

The bolt work is protected by manganese steel plates. Tightening cords are used as additional protection. Due to two patented front shaft supports in form of integrated massive steel elements a very high manipulation protection is achieved. During the opening process the blocking is released by the forward motion of the shafts II and III. Afterwards the shaft I is drawn back.

No defined locking order in case of 2-lock operation.


Bolt work
Dimensions base plate 325 x 415 mm

Installation applications
- 2-lock operation
- 3-sided (front shaft I, upper shaft II, lower shaft III)
- Shaft I throw 30 mm, shaft II/III throw 39 mm, opening angle of handle 125°
- Shaft connections: Ø 10.5 mm
- Mounting position of locks: horizontal, bolt left, bolt throw 8.7 - 12 mm, blocking of vertical shafts
- Lock mounting: 4 M6 threaded bushes
- For right hand doors, opening clockwise

Manipulation protection
- High resistant shaft I, release by forward motion of the shafts II/III
- Base plate with riveted manganese steel plate, 2 mm thick
- Side manganese steel stripes
- Manganese steel angles as drilling protection
- Integrated relocker with tightening cord, polyester, 3 m length, detent in blocking position
- Indirect blocking points

Electrolytic galvanised steel, cutting edge blank

Gear drive with follower 11 mm

Prepared for Ristow-Element 4.4

Prepared for position indicator of shafts

Weight approx. 9,300 g

Technical Data

Bolt workOrder number
Defender 720 - standard83501
OptionsOption code
1-sided (front shaft I)SES
2-sided (front shaft I, upper shaft II)SZS
1-lock operation, second lock blocking point without functionESB
For right hand doors, opening counter-clockwiseSRG
For left hand doors, opening counter-clockwiseSLG
For left hand doors, opening clockwiseSLI
Special types on request 
AccessoriesOrder number
Screw for blocking slide of the lock (2 screws per lock are needed)1 260 400 137
Bolt distance plate for combination locks, throw 8.7 mm2 140 000 010
Connection set Ristow-Element 4.4 for right hand doors3 118 000 080
Connection set Ristow-Element 4.4 for left hand doors3 118 000 090