La Gard AuditGard 66E - Electronic Combination Safe Lock

EN 1300 B, ECB-S, VdS class 2, DNV, UL Type 1

1 manager, 8 users, time delay, audit 512, eKey function, opt. swingbolt or deadbolt, remote disable function, silent alarm


Safe Lock La Gard - Input unit 3750
Safe Lock La Gard - Input unit 3750

The AuditGard Series offers multiple user functions as well as audit functions. Customised versions have to be created by adding functions via the LA GARD
PC programming software.

The eKey function permits the opening of the lock by the code and the eKey.

Different input units - all in metal design - are available with a soft keypad or a foil keypad. The spy proof version “3190” can also be used with the AuditGard series.

According to the safe application, a deadbolt or a swingbolt locking system can be chosen. The patented swingbolt technology offers a spindle-less system which moves the bolt by the operation of the bolt work.


Approvals / Certificates
EN 1300 B, ECB-S, VdS class 2, DNV, UL type 1
Power supply
1 x 9 volt block battery (not included in delivery) or
6 x 1.5 volt C-cell battery, recommended for time delay (not included in delivery)
Die-cast lock case and bolt, bolt with 2 M4 threads (only for deadbolt)
Lock mounting set, incl. 3 screws M6
Admissible mounting positions 
Right hand/left hand lock (upside down mounting), opening clockwise
Mounting position lock - Vertical (bolt up) Mounting position lock - Vertical (bolt down) Mounting position lock - Horizontal (bolt left) Mounting position lock - Horizontal (bolt right)
Right hand/left hand lock (upside down mounting, dual-handed)
Mounting position lock - Vertical (bolt up) Mounting position lock - Vertical (bolt down) Mounting position lock - Horizontal (bolt left) Mounting position lock - Horizontal (bolt right)

Technical Data

Input units31253750-K
 Safe Lock La Gard - Input unit 3125 Safe Lock La Gard - Input unit 3750 
Input unitMetal,
satin chrome
satin chrome
Battery caseSeparate battery
1 x 9 v block battery*
Key padSiliconeFoil
External power contactYesNo
Cable length457 mm (18”)457 mm (18”)
Spindle length152 mm (6”)152 mm (6”)
Version eKeyeKey*eKeyII*
Deadbolt availableYesYes
Swingbolt availableYesYes
Order number8285582856

* Not included in delivery

Options input unitsOption code
Die-cast back plate (only for input unit 3125)GZN
Lock Option code
Safe Lock La Gard - Lock 4200M 82818
Deadbolt, throw 8.7 mm
Safe Lock La Gard - Lock 6040M 82815
Options lockOption code
Not grounded
AccessoriesOrder number
Small battery box (1 x 9 volt block battery)82891/0001
Large battery box (6 x 1.5 volt C-cell battery)82891/0004
Small battery/alarm box (1 x 9 volt block battery), required for alarm functions82891/0002
Large battery/alarm box (6 x 1.5 volt C-cell battery), required for alarm functions82891/0006
Wall Plug Transformer 220 volt AC (EU-plug) with battery port connector, without VdS certificate82892/0011
Alarm Interface, VdS listed82891/0007
Audit cable (for input unit 3125 only)82892/0002
Audit cable (for input unit 3750-K only)82892/0004
AuditGard Software-Kit (CD with Setup- and AuditView Software / USB-Adapter /
Cable for Entry Device 3125 / Cable for Entry Device 3750-K)
Reset box (necessary to reset the operating mode to works mode)82894/0001
eKey (only for input unit 3125)82895/0007
eKeyII (only for input unit 3750-K)82895/0021
9 volt alkaline block battery0 516 000 000
Screw for Swingbolt lock, 1/4 - 20 x 1.03 PH, with screw locking coating1 269 902 610
Screw for Deadbolt lock, 1/4 - 20 x 1-7/32 PH, with screw locking coating1 269 903 090


1 Control code*
1 Manager*
8 Users*
Lock functions
Time Delay
Dual Mode*
Time Delay Override*
Add/Delete User code (Manager only)
Enable/Disable User code (Manager only)
Add/Delete Manager code (Control code only)*
Enable/Disable Manager code (Control code only)*
Remote disable lock opening*/**
Remote disable lock*/**
Silent Alarm*/**
Audit (record of last 512 events)
Lock opening only by code
Lock opening by code and eKeyII (material identification), activation with reset box

* Activation by PC software required
** Battery box with alarm function or separate Alarm Interface (VdS listed) required

General functions
Low battery signal
Wrong try lockout after 4 false codes
This accessory available for AuditGard locks consists of a CD with two Microsoft™ Windows™ 7/Vista compatible computer programs and a USB adapter including the needed cables to connect a AuditGard lock (via Entry Device 3750-K or 3125) to the USB port of a computer.

Setup Software
This software offers a simplified programming of AuditGard locks. User activation, definition of code length, selection of various lock features, or setup of time delay. All these features can be setup on a clearly represented computer window and easily be sent to the lock with a simple mouse click.

AuditView Software
This application is used to draw an audit from the non-volantile lock memory. The last 512 events are therby sent to the computer and may be saved in a PDF file. The software features a filter function to generate the report according to specified events and/or users.