Combi B 30 - Electronic Combination Safe Lock 82132/3xxx

EN 1300, ECB-S, VdS-class 2, VdS approval numbers: lock system M102323, bolt switch G113062

30 User/1 Master/1 Courier, Time delay, mechanical redundancy, PC-programming


Aluminium input unit with lock
Aluminium input unit with lock

Elektronic combination lock with deadbolt and mechanic redundancy. Especially suitable for class CEN III-V safes.

The Combi B 30 is the follower of the popular Code Combi B. Apart from a complete reworked and user friendly input unit design the lock provides a significant increased range of functions.

The integrated mechanic redundancy offers maximum reliability: by removing the rotary handle the hidden keyhole can be exposed and the lock can be opened with the double bitted key.

Furthermore a PC software is availeble, to read the Audit from the lock, respectively to execute easily all programming steps of the lock.


EN 1300, ECB-S, VdS class 2, VdS approval numbers: lock system M102323, bolt switch G113062
8 digits (ID + 6 digits), 1 Master code, 30 User codes, 1 Courier code
Input unit
Die cast chrome plated, silicone key pad with red and green LED and buzzer
Connection cable with plug 400 mm
Standard delivery keypad right, turn knob left
Admissible mounting positions
Key pad right, above, left and below (turnable key pad unit)

Lock case and bolt die cast
Elektromagnetic bolt release
Bolt with 2 threads M4, throw 12 mm
Mechanic redundancy by lever system: 11 levers, double-bitted key retained when in open position
Weight approx. 1.450 g (incl. input unit)

Admissible mounting positions
Key and handle opening clockwise

Mounting position lock - Vertical (bolt down) Mounting position lock - Horizontal (bolt left) Mounting position lock - Vertical (bolt up) Mounting position lock - Horizontal (bolt right)

Power supply
2 x AAA / LR03 1,5 Volt batteries (not included in delivery scope; high quality alkaline brand batteries recommended)
Bolt switch, VdS approval no. G113062
Silent alarm (only in combination with the alarmbox)

Remote disabling
Time delay override
Dual Mode override
Duress by omission

(only one of the mentioned functions selectable, for a VdS compliant application the Alarmbox must be used)

Technical Data

Lock with input unit

Order number

Combi B 30


Square spindle input unit/lock 

Option code

Square spindle length [mm]Max. useable length [mm] 








AccessoriesOrder number
Alarmbox, VdS approval numbers:
Remote disabling G113064, silent alarm G113065 and bolt switch G113066
Programmingsoftware Set (PC-Stick, USB-extension cable, Software CD, Dongle)82132Z0001
Auditsoftware Set (PC-Stick, USB-extension cable, Software CD)82132Z0007
Power supply unit 9V with plug for lock3 002 501 220
Power supply unit 12V for Alarmbox (lock powering by Alarmbox)3 002 501 230
Boltwork handle Vesta with bearing bush and rosette chrome plated90050/0002
Boltwork handle Vesta with bearing bush without rosette chrome plated90050/0001
Cylinder head screw, galvanised, DIN 84 - BSW ¼“ x 29 mm - 4.8, with lamellar disc, for lock fixing3 118 000 030
Cylinder head screw, galvanised, DIN 84 - M6 x 29 mm - 4.8, with lamellar disc, for lock fixing3 118 000 031
1,5 Volt AAA/LR03 alkaline battery0 516 000 010

OptionsOption code
User-specific label rotary handle (on request)LFK
Painted surface (on request)OLA


Code functions
Dual mode
Duress code (silent alarm) (+1/-1)
Wrong try lock out 1, 2, 4, 8, max. 16 minutes
Time functions
Time delay: 0-99 Minuten
Opening window: 1-19 Minuten
General functions
Audit > 200 entries
Power supply monitoring
Acoustic and optical user support
Manipulation signal


MaterialLength, Ø stem [mm]Key bowMax. useable length [mm]Option code
Die cast120, Ø 6/7Mauer65DSD120
Die cast150, Ø 6/7Mauer95DSD150
Die cast164, Ø 6/7Mauer109DSD164
High strength brass150, Ø 6/7Oval95DSS150
High strength brass160, Ø 6/7Oval105DSS160
High strength brass190, Ø 6/7Oval135DSS190