Varios E Flex - Electronically Controlled Key Lock 70172

Without any approvals/certificates

9 levers, standard footprint, changeable, dead bolt, latch bolt (opt.)


Varios E Flex - Keys with oval bow
Varios E Flex - Keys with oval bow

Electronically controlled, changeable lock with dead bolt.
Approx. 390,000 theoretical variations.
Standard footprint.

The user key gives via an internal microswitch a start signal for the external control system. Depending on the external control system different release functions (e.g. time delay, dual mode, remote release) can be realised.

In version 70172 Varios E Flex the key is not retained when the lock is opened. While in open mode the lock is already activated for change.


Without any approvals/certificates
Changeable lock, no change tool required
9 levers, electrolytic galvanised steel
Not key retained when in open position, not suitable for access doors
Die-cast lock case and bolt, surface treated, throw 12 mm
Weight approx. 760 g
Admissible mounting positions
Right hand lock, opening clockwise
Mounting position lock - Horizontal (bolt left) Mounting position lock - Vertical (bolt up) Mounting position lock - Vertical (bolt down)

Technical Data

LockOrder number
Varios E Flex - standard70172
OptionsOption code
Lock with latch boltSFR
Supplied in works locking modeAWS
Microswitch for key monitoring (change over contact), connection cable 1 x 5 wires,
250 mm usable length, cable ends tin-plated
Works keys, nickel-platedOrder number
MaterialLength [mm]Usable length [mm]Key bow 


Electro-mechanical function
Connection cable 1 x 4 wires, 250 mm usable length, cable ends tin-plated
InterfaceFunction elementSpecificationOperating time (OT)
InputSolenoid for release563 Ohm, Umin=5 V DC5 - 12 V: 100% OT, 24 V: 87% OT
OutputMicroswitch for key monitoringNormally open, 50 mA, 30 V DC 


MaterialLength [mm]Usable length [mm]Key bowOption code
User double-bitted keys, nickel-plated
High-strength brass13590OvalDSS135
High-strength brass120-23575-190OvalDSSxxx