Praetor - Mechanical Key Lock 70087

Without any approvals/certificates

11 levers, standard footprint, dead bolt


Praetor - Keys with Mauer bow
Praetor - Keys with Mauer bow

Lock with dead bolt.

Approx. 60 million theoretical variations.

Standard footprint.

The 70087 Praetor lock is similar to the listed 70079 Praetor B lock, but offers additional options which exclude certification. For example “keyed alike” or “non key retaining” versions are available.


Without any approvals/certificates
11 levers, electrolytic galvanised steel
Key retained when in open position
Die-cast lock case and bolt
Bolt with 2 M4 threads, throw 12 mm
Prepared for bolt extension to the front
Weight approx. 530 g
Admissible mounting positions
Right hand lock, opening clockwise
Mounting position lock - Horizontal (bolt left) Mounting position lock - Vertical (bolt up) Mounting position lock - Vertical (bolt down)

Technical Data

LockOrder number
Praetor - standard70087
OptionsOption code
Microswitch for bolt monitoring (2-way contact), 3 wires, cable length 210 mmRSK
Lock case and bolt surface treatedSRO
Bolt extension to the backRVH
Locks keyed alike GSL
Not key retained when in open position, not suitable for access doorsSAB
Key marked with permutation numberRPP
Left hand lock
opening counter-clockwise
Mounting position lock - Horizontal (bolt right) SLG
AccessoriesOrder number
Bolt extension to the front, incl. fixing screw3 118 000 420
Lock fixing screw: cheese head screw galvanised, DIN 84 - BSW ¼“ x 36 mm - 4.8, securing ring3 118 000 010
Leather pouch for detachable bit part1 408 999 900
Key carrier Servant K (see accessories for locks and bolt works) 


MaterialLength [mm]Usable length [mm]Key bowOption code
User double-bitted keys, nickel-plated
High-strength brass150100OvalDSS150
High-strength brass80-36030-310OvalDSSxxx
User double-bitted keys with foldable mechanism, nickel-plated
High-strength brass120-36070-310OvalDGSxxx
User double-bitted keys with detachable mechanism, nickel-plated
High-strength brass120-36070-310OvalDESxxx
Detachable bit part, nickel-plated (only for use in conjunction with 86124 Servant K)
High-strength brass63--DUS063