Tricontus - Mechanical Key Lock 73043

Without any approvals/certificates

8 levers, triple bolt


Tricontus - Keys with Mauer bow
Tricontus - Keys with Mauer bow

Lock with blocking bolts.

Approx. 280,000 theoretical variations.

The special triple bolt design facilitates direct locking into the safe closure.

The 73043 Tricontus lock is similar to the listed 73042 Tricontus A lock, but offers additional options which exclude certification. For example “keyed alike” or “non key retaining” versions are available.


Without any approvals/certificates
8 levers, electrolytic galvanised steel
Key retained when in open position
Die-cast lock case and bolt, throw 12 mm
Weight approx. 350 g
Admissible mounting positions
Right hand lock, opening clockwise
Mounting position lock - Horizontal (bolt left) Mounting position lock - Vertical (bolt up) Mounting position lock - Vertical (bolt down)

Technical Data

LockOrder number
Tricontus A - standard73043
OptionsOption code
Lock case and bolt surface treatedSRO
Locks keyed alikeGSL
Not key retained when in open position, not suitable for access doorsSAB
Key marked with permutation numberRPP
AccessoriesOrder number
Mounting plate 2 mm thick, with 4 M5 threaded bushings, screws and securing rings3 118 000 260
Mounting plate 2 mm thick with manganese steel plate 1.5 mm thick, with 4 M5 threaded bushings, screws and securing rings3 118 000 270


MaterialLength [mm]Usable length [mm]Key bowOption code
User double-bitted keys with lock and permutation number, nickel-plated