Varios TD-LCD - Time Delay Key Lock 82161

Without any approvals/certificates

9 levers, aluminium fitting with LCD display, standard footprint, changeable, dead bolt, latch bolt (opt.)


Varios TD-LCD - Keys with oval bow
Varios TD-LCD - Keys with oval bow

Changeable lock with electronic time delay and dead bolt.

Approx. 390,000 theoretical variations.

Standard footprint.

The time delay is activated by the user key. A countdown display (LCD) and acoustic signals indicate the time delay. The lock system is very suitable for the protection against hold-ups.

The lock can be supplied in user or works locking mode.


Without any approvals/certificates
Power supply
2 x 9 volt block battery (not included in delivery)
Aluminium EV1 anodised
LCD and buzzer
Connection cable with plug, 390 mm
4 cover caps, plastic
Integrated battery case
Admissible mounting position: horizontal
Changeable lock, change initiation via slide unit at back of the lock
9 levers, electrolytic galvanised steel
Key retained when in open position
Die-cast lock case and bolt, surface treated, throw 12 mm
Electromagnetic bolt release
External rotary switch box for setting of time delay and opening window
Weight approx. 720 g
Admissible mounting positions
Right hand lock, opening clockwise
Mounting position lock - Horizontal (bolt left) Mounting position lock - Vertical (bolt up) Mounting position lock - Vertical (bolt down)

Technical Data

LockOrder number
Varios TD-LCD - standard82161
OptionsOption code
Lock with latch boltSFR
Supplied in works locking modeAWS
Admissible mounting position: fitting and lock vertical, right hand lock, opening clockwiseSBS
AccessoriesOrder number
Mounting plate 2 mm thick, with 4 M5 threaded pins, slotted nuts and securing rings3 118 000 120
9 volt alkaline block battery0 516 000 000
Works keys, nickel-platedOrder number
MaterialLength [mm]Usable length [mm]Key bow 


Time delay 1-10 (in 1 minute steps adjustable), 15, 20, 30, 45, 60, 99 minutes
Opening window 1-16 minutes (in 1 minute steps adjustable)
Low voltage detection
Countdown display (LCD) and acoustical operation support


MaterialLength [mm]Usable length [mm]Key bowOption code
User double-bitted keys, nickel-plated